We believe that the music we sing and the instruments we employ are expressions of faith and gifts from and offerings to God. We are a family of musicians called to express God’s grace and love through song. We foster growth both musically and spiritually by embracing both the challenge and the reward of distinguished choral literature. We dedicate the gift of music to the glory of God.

Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir presents their music to the glory of God for our Sunday worship services, special worship services and throughout our community. Each week our Chancel Choir rehearses and presents anthems, special music, responses and offertory anthems that cover a broad spectrum of traditional, Classical, Gospel, Christian contemporary and rock and even secular music with sacred lyric settings.

Old Rock Ringers

The adult bell choir works very hard and takes great pride in their participation within the music ministry of our church. Being in this choir means a great deal of commitment to weekly practices, playing once a month for services and playing on Christmas Eve and Easter.

Choir Plus

This group (Pre K – 5thgrade) meets Sundays at 9:30 am, September through May. The children rehearse music to be presented during our worship services monthly.  This group enjoys being together to sing. They join our Chancel Choir for special pieces during the year. Each year our Choir Plus presents a special musical blessing on Mother’s Day. Our Children’s Christmas Play in December is presented by the Choir Plus, entertaining all and also getting us in the Christmas spirit!